SUMMARY(sort of): autologout

From: Jaewan Kim (
Date: Mon Mar 06 2000 - 07:56:30 CST

I must have not elaborated on the problem at hand.

First of all, thanks to all who answered, even the one who simply pointed
out that it is a man page material.
I know that there are some uneducated people jumping in and asking
rudimentary questions here. I hope I am not considered one of them.

It is a summary, but the problem still exists.

On the machines, TMOUT is set to 0 (default value.)
And there is no idled running on them either.
Still I lose connection after so many hours.
I even had a monitoring script for one of the login shells running in
another session, but that session got disconnected. Meaning that the session
with live process was not safe from this auto logout.

I am now looking at the possibility of some network issue.

Jaewan Kim

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