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To All Sun Champs

First of all Thanks to all the SUN Champs who had given me the response.

Here is the summary :

u can find some useful information on sun these following sites ,,,


Check the following link:

Unix System Administration by Frank G. Fiamingo was my starting point.
It is very helpful and it

?s free.


Markus Roellig


I use "Solaris essential reference" by John P. Mulligan, the man pages, the
Web - some good sites are:
Plenty of FAQ?s and of course mailing lists.


Ronelle van Niekerk
UNIX Consultant
Tel: +44 (0)207 888 2671
Fax: +44 (0)207 943 2119

Solaris 7 Systemadministration
By Thomas A. Handschuch

We have a German Version (I'm sure there is English one)
And we are very content with it.

Marco Staub has every admin, install and manpage that Sun puts out....

Here are the better books on my bookshelf:

Sun - Solaris System Administrator's Guide (Janice Winsor)
Sun - Solaris Advanced System Administrator's Guide (Janice Winsor)
Sun - Sun Performance and Tuning (Adrian Cockroft)
O'Reilly - System Performance Tuning (Mike Loukides)

Other's that I've found helpful:

Onword - Solaris 2.x for Managers and Administrators
Various O'Reilly books... they are generally good references.

- Alan

     Solaris internals ISBN 0-13-0224960-0
     Solaris 7 Reference ISBN 0-13-020048-4
     Configuration and capacity planning for solaris ISBN 0-13-349952-9
     SUN performance-tuning ISBN 0-13-095249-4
     Panic! ISBN 0-13-149386-8
     Solaris system Administrators guide ISBN 1-57870-040-X
     Solaris advanced administrators guide ISBN 1-57870-039-6

No but I can tell you two to avoid. Solaris Systems Administrators Guide
And Advanced Solaris System Administrators guide. Both by Janice Winsor.
And both from SunSoft Press, which is unbelievable. They remind me of
Useless college textbooks, written by someone who is real smart but has
Never done the job they are trying to teach other people to do. I bought
Both books when I started doing Solaris and I can count on 1 hand the
Number of useful bits of info I got from both. 60 bucks down the toilet.
If I
Was looking for one I would try maybe the Nutshell people. I don't know if
They have a Solaris specific book out but their stuff is real good.
One book I can highly recommend for performance and kernel stuff is Sun
Performance and Tuning, Java and the Internet, by Adrian Cockcroft. Also
If you do an Internet search for his name you should come up with some good
Articles and white papers from him. He is an excellent and easily
Understandable writer. Unix Shells by Example written by Ellie Quigley is
a real good shell programming book if you are looking.

"Unix system administration handbook"

Mark Halverson
FTL Unix Administrator - FTT
phone: 954-527-7493
page: 877-497-7902

go out to my site at I have everything categorized there
including books, practice tests, etc....

I, personally like the following book:

UNIX System Administration Handbook - Second Edition
Evi Nemeth, Garth Snyder, Scott Seebass, Trent R. Hein
    It is a little out of date but makes a terrific quick reference when
you forget the simple things from dealing with dail complexity...

I also make a lot of use of the Sun Press System Administrator's Guide
(2nd Edition) and the Sun Press Advance System Administrator's Guide (2nd

Hope one of these are to your liking

Wesley Suess
Big Idea Productions

My favorite is Essential System Administration By Aeleen Frisch. It covers
all different flavors.

You can usually find this sort of thing on A minute's
browsing turned up the following:

Solaris 2.4 File System Administration

Not postscript, but a free Adobe Acrobat reader will render it into PS
Easily enough.

**Another really good book is called "Solaris 2.6 Administrator
Certification Traing Guide, Part I" by Bill Calkin.

Craig Hansen
UNIX System Administrator
CEN Corporation
(314) 331-4283

Reading Sun Managers summaries is really helpful.
There is a searchable archive at


The Unix System Administration Handbook, by Nemeth et al, is good if you
know little about unix in general, but for Solaris specific information I
look at the Answerbooks, which can be installed on any Solaris machine, or
which can be read online at They're also available in PDF if
you want to print them.

Jon Bernard
System Administrator tel 773-702-0733
Social Science Research Computing fax 773-702-2101
University of Chicago

Take a look at

Terje J. Hanssen

I have one on the Web at:
There are several others out the also. Check out Celeste Stokely's
site: She has a very good list of Unix
online resources.


The best overall sysadmin book I've found is

Essential System Administration (O'Reilly)

I would also recommend the documentation at ; there are many
books in HTML and PDF format that are extremely helpful for various topics.

Dave Foster

   David Foster National Center for Microscopy and Imaging Research UCSD/Department of Neuroscience
    (858) 534-7968

i like essential system administration by o'reilly. alot of people like th
unix sytem adminstration handbook ( I have never found it useful). neither
of those cover intricate problems. they are good for basic/everyday system
admin tasks (backups, creating filesystems, etc)


One of the first books you need (or any other admin needs) is the "UNIX
System Administration Handbook" by
Nemeth, Snyder, Seebass and Hein. The current one is the Second edition,
printed in 95, and a new edition is coming out
this month. It deals with Solaris and SunOS, Irix, HpUX, BSD and OSF.
Great book to have for any general admin stuff.

Second one. . .There is the Solaris System Administration Guide, and the
Solaris Advanced System Administrators's Guide, both published by
MacMillan Technical Publications.

Third: Sun's System Administration Guide, available online at ...I was able to purchase a hard-copy of that one
right from there. . .two volumes worth.

Hope this helps, they help me. . .the first one is within arms reach all
the time.
 Brandon K. Devlin
 Systems Administrator
 Archer AARS Development Group icq#24922912
 Logicon Technical Services Inc.

The following books are good sources of info on Solaris and in some cases
general system administration:

Solaris Specific:
Solaris 2.x for Managers and Administrators - Freedland, McKay, Parkinson
Sun Performance Tuning: Java and The Internet (2nd Edition) - Cockroft,
Configuration and Capacity Planning - Wong

Generic SVR4 and BSD admin references:
Unix System Administration Handbook - Nemeth, Synder, Seebass, Hein
Panic! Unix crash dump analysis - Drake, Brown
Essential System Administation - Frisch
TCP/IP Network Administration - Hunt
Pracitcal Unix and Internet Security - Garfinkel, Spafford
Most any O'Rielly book on a specific daemon or service

-Steve Widup

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