SUMMARY: Memory problem in Sparc 4

From: Pedro P. Carballo (
Date: Fri Mar 03 2000 - 15:29:24 CST

Thank you to all for the replies received.

My conclusion is that the memory module has failed and i have to buy a
new one.

My original question:
I am getting the following message in a Sparc 4 Station. I suspect that
the memory module (one 32 MB memory module) has failed, but some help is

 Console Messages:
 Memory Bank #0 32M...
 Probing CPU FMI, MB86904
 SPARC Station 4, Keyboard Present
 ROM Rev. 2.2.4, 32 MB
 Testing 32 Meg. of memory at addr 0 28
 watchdog reset
 Memory Address not Aligned

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