NIS and Subnets [SUMMARY]

From: Johnny Hall (
Date: Fri Mar 03 2000 - 13:08:20 CST

Alot of responses thanks to all. The consensus is that it shouldn't be a problem.
This is good 'cause I wasn't looking forward to setting up nis+ :)

The best response came from Bill Herbert which cleared up what my "real" question
was. Which was dealing with hostnames and default interfaces/routes. Here is his

>Yes you can do this. The difficult part is keeping the proper paradigm or
>point of view when looking at all the options. eg in regards to hostnames;
> looking at it from a DNS point of view vice a NIS point of view, it will
>be sorta different.
>The NIS master will be initialized with the default hostname of the
>server. So if the 208 subnet is the default route and the hostname of that
>will be the one in /etc/hostname.le0 then the master will be that
>name. Clients on the 192 subnet will see the 192 hostname as the master
>and it will act as the master, but the server will think of itself as
>whatever hostname is on the 208 subnet.
>The reason I point this out is so you don't try to build a master on the
>same box for each hostname. This won't work and would be redundant anyway.
>So build the master. And then just have the clients that are on the other
>subnet bind to the master via their subnet hostnames.
>I hope I'm clear enough. If not let me know.

Thanks again to all..


Johnny Hall wrote:

> Hello Managers,
> I will soon be setting up a nis server for a small company. My question is
> this..
> We currently have two subnets; one is and the other is
> Our new nis master has an interface for each of these networks.
> So can my new box be master for both of these networks easily. Easily being,
> when I setup all my files can I simply run ypinit -m and then on a client on
> each of the two networks setup nis and everything automagically work or am I
> S.O.L.? If this will not work, does anyone know if nis+ can handle services for
> two subnets on the same box?
> Will Summarize..
> TIA..
> Johnny
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"Nothing is more difficult than the art of maneuvering for advantageous
positions." - Sun Tzu

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