SUMMARY: locating files with ACLs set?

From: Geoff Lane (
Date: Fri Mar 03 2000 - 09:09:08 CST

I should have explained ACL = Access Control List, which is an "enhanced"
technique for controlling user and group access to files (essentially you
can prepare a list of all users/groups who may have access to a file --
users need not all be in the same group.) You can see details of the
available commands using man setfacl and man getfacl.

Thanks to Seth Rothenberg, Scott Rae, and Chuck Smoko for replies.


Nobody knew of any Solaris utility, apart from ls -l, that could find and
identify files or directories that had ACLs set on them.

If anyone from Sun is lurking, enhancing find to do this job would be VERY
useful. I may have a go at adding ACL detection to GNU find myself.

In the end I wrote a 5 line C program that called acl(2) to get ACL info for
a single file provided as an argument; using find I tested each file with my

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