SUMMARY: Heat generated by equipment

From: Wesley Suess (
Date: Fri Mar 03 2000 - 08:27:05 CST

Thanks to everyone who responded to the following post:
> Anyone know a formula to calculate (estimate) how much heat is
> by a computer/device? For example: I need to figure out what the
> potential heat will be generated by the equipment I plan on leaving in
> room. I need this figure to calculate how much cooling I will need for

> the room.

The genereal concensus was:
        BTU/hr = 3.4 x power in watts
        6000BTU =~ 1 Ton of cooling =~ 1764.7 watts or 1.7647kW

But, a more accurate calculation came from Douglas Palmer (Where did
that tag line come from?):

number of watts total / (3/4) * 3.41 to get total BTUs
                        two systems with dual 300 watt power supplies
and no monitors =

                          2 x 2 x 300 x 1.33 x 3.41 = 5456 BTUs

                        The 1.33 is for efficiency -- no power supply is
100% efficient. 3.41 is
                        the conversion from watts to BTU.

Other suggestions included looking in the manuals or sundocs to find
listing for heat genereation. While this is true, I have a lot of
equipment wqhich is non-Sun and also nobody can find the documentation
or the manufacturer has gone out of business.

Thanks again to all those who replied. I would name them all, but there
are just too many. It's good to see that in the SysAdmin community,
there are those who are willing to share information and experience....


Wesley Suess
Big Idea Productions

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