SUMMARY: ntp configuration and software

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Date: Thu Mar 02 2000 - 17:26:10 CST

SUMMARY: ntp configuration and software

Thanks to:
Simon-Bernard Drolet <>
Carl Brewer <>
Andrew Leonard <>
"Bernstein, Zmira" <>

Below are the answers to how to configure ntp:

Simon-Bernard Drolet <>

In the ntp.conf file, you can set which systems are your servers
peers and setup authentication for each. You'll have to set a
file on the servers and the clients. ntp use keys in that file
authenticate servers/peers/clients.

Here is part of my /etc/inet/ntp.conf

server servera key 1
server serverb key 2 prefer
peer peera key 1
peer peerb key 2

authenticate yes
keys /etc/inet/ntp.keys
trustedkey 1 2 3 4 5
requestkey 4
controlkey 5

And then, the /etc/inet/ntp.keys is:

# ntp keys in ASCII
1 A keyone.
2 A key#2
3 A andthree
4 A whyfour
5 A yepfive

Here you go!

Also, check


Carl Brewer <>
NTP is very good at using specific servers

My config file for my local time master is attached :

fudge stratum 8
driftfile /etc/ntp.drift

The is the local host clock, so it can work as a
server for my
internal domains

Additionally, you can use shared secret keys for authentication.

For more info, see



Andrew Leonard <>
Have a look at - it should have
to all your questions (and more...). In short, yes, you can
which NTP servers you sync from, and if you don't control what
might be broadcast NTP servers on your intranet, this is
probably a very
good idea.

I don't have a Solaris box in front of me right now to verify
this, but
I believe that NTP has been included with Solaris from 2.6 on.


"Bernstein, Zmira" <>
xntp is provided with Solaris 2.7 & 2.6.
In regard with setting up a client you do specify the server
from which they are going to synchronize their time from.

Zmira Bernstein

Goliath Networks Inc.

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