SUMMARY: solstice backup: can not read record

From: Erin Jones (
Date: Thu Mar 02 2000 - 13:38:34 CST

hey all,

well I got alot of responses saying "check your media/drive". That wasn't
the problem. tar's to and from the tapes worked fine.

Joel Lee provided the missing link w/ this response:
> When you add a non-generic tape drive to the system, make sure you have
> proper st.conf entry. Also you need
> to specify the right device to archive to the tape (for example, 0mbn is
> most common one for DLT7xxx that uses with Solstice backup).
> -- Joel

I created a new device using /dev/rmt/2/mbn as instead of the /dev/rmt/2u
that I had been using and it seems to be working. note that I have only 1
day of testing here. I was able to recover a file (incidently, the failure
report notes that I had made about this problem) from my last incremental
backup. this is farther than I had gotten before so I am hopeful. I will
be testing over the next couple days.

one other interesting post that I got:
from Darren Dunham (at my old company, woo-hoo! B)
> Sounds like that section of the tape could be bad. It happens.
> Can you scan that tape?
> scanner -inv -f 109 /dev/rmt/<drive>
> That should start scanning at file 109 and spout out information. See
> if you get any errors in 110. It may just be bad at that spot.

thanx to all for their time.


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