SUMMARY: Re: Raid Manager frustration

From: Lusty Wench (
Date: Thu Mar 02 2000 - 11:37:47 CST

Thank you to

Darren Dunham
Douglas Hagan
Thomas Wardman

who responded to my plea for help. I owe a particular debt of gratitude
to Thomas Wardman for patiently answering my extremely naive questions
about using the "drives" that Raid Manager produces.

The answer to my original question (as shown below) is that Raid Manager
was not giving me conflicting answers--I was just misinterpreting them.
healthck gives you information about modules, and lad gives you information
about LUNs, so I was comparing apples to oranges.

Once I was able to successfully create and delete LUNs at will, my only
remaining question was "what do you actually USE", which all of Sun's
documentation was maddeningly silent on. The answer is that Raid Manager's
LUNs show up as drives that you can "format", "newfs" and all the normal
things, using the devices that appear in the /dev/rdsk and /dev/dsk
hierarchy after you've created the LUN.

Thank you sunmgrs for saving my butt only days before my vacation starts!


Lusty Wench allegedly said...
> I am playing with Raid Manager now while I don't have anything on the
> drives, so I can assure myself that I know how to deal with it. I've
> been trying to create and delete LUNs and getting what seems like
> schizophrenic behavior. So far I've run into situations where I use
> one command (to create a LUN, say) and it works one time but just gives
> errors if I use it again in what I think is the same circumstances.
> (I'm doing all this from the command line.)
> Right now, I somehow managed to end up with a 0MB LUN, which I tried
> to delete, with seeming success. But now "lad" says there are no LUNS,
> while healthck -a seems to think it's still there:
> # healthck -a
> Health Check Summary Information
> kd007_002: Optimal
> healthck succeeded!
> # lad
> c1t5d0s0 1T95025061 LUNS:
> Any ideas why they would give different answers?
> Lusty

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