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From: Grant Lowe (
Date: Wed Mar 01 2000 - 11:26:45 CST

Turns out that since the machine was on a different subnet, relaying had to
be enabled. Bismark hit the nail on the head with:

Bismark Espinoza [bismark@alta.Jpl.Nasa.Gov] wrote:

Look at your file. You probably are using a relay machine to
get the mail to the outside world. Either get permission on the relay
machine to get mail out, or make your machine the relay machine to the mail.

Here are the other responses:

Erin Jones [] wrote:
you may have multiple names for your machine or at least sendmail doesn't
know what you are callng yourself. add teh names of your host to the $=w
class in sendmail. this can be done by adding the host to the
file (if it exists) or by putting a line like:
in the file.

if you are trying to relay from another machine (ie send mail from a
workstatoin through the sun) you can add your IP range, host, or domain name
to the relay-domains file or w/ the lines:

Fabiola Caceres [] wrote:

Set up relaying. I recommend O'Reilley's sendmail Book.

Marina Daniels [] wrote:
I'm not sure but you could try allowing relaying just to get it working. If
it is version 8.9.x of sendmail you could try creating the file
/etc/mail/relay-domains and putting your domain in there. (and restarting
eg: a line saying ''

Darryl Price [] wrote:

Make sure the localhost is listed in your /etc/mail/access file. If not,
localhost.localdomain RELAY
localhost RELAY RELAY

then type make, to build the database. Restart sendmail and all should be
well with the world.

Richard Felkins [] wrote:

You didn't give very much information, I would check for this file in
/etc/mail, titled 'relay-domains'. It will contain the name of your domain.
cat /etc/mail/relay-domains

Alex Shepard [] wrote:

I would look at making sure the E450 is in the /etc/mail/relay-domains file
on the transfer hub that the E450 is trying to send through. Ie- E450 sends
outgoing mail to some server (call it mailhub). /etc/mail/relay-domains on
mailhub needs to contain the E450s hostname.

Joel Lee [] wrote:

check what relay machine the delivery agent is attempting to sent.
"/usr/lib/sendmail -v" <> . check
the output.

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