SUMMARY : Printing through WIN2K

From: Hisham Al Saad (
Date: Tue Feb 29 2000 - 20:46:48 CST

Thanks to Bas Kelderman, Bevan Broun, John Julian, Dave McFerren, Gerard
Hynes, David Foster.

The majority suggested the "SAMBA" which may be optained free from
However I have used it before to print from Windows to a Unix box but not
the other way around.
And by the way when I printed from the Linux box to the Windows 2000 box,
Samba 's (smbd and nmbd deamons) were not running on the Linux box.
I have just enabled an option within Win 2000 to allow Linux to share win
box printer.

John Julian suggested to point my suns at a linux box which can forward
the print jobs to the Win box.


My original posting :

We are in a multi environment operating systems.
I have used a Win 2000 workstation to share the printer attached to it among
window users and linux users.
 In linux Redhat its done straight forward, now all the print out is printed
 directly on the HP Deskjet attached to the win 2000 box.
 Is there a way to configure Solaris 2.6 workstations on sun machines to
 share that printer too.?

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