SUMMARY: how to send attachments with mail

Date: Tue Feb 29 2000 - 15:22:18 CST

Below are all the responses that I received, I ended up using mpack and it
worked great. Thanks to all for all the help.............

Tunde Adeyeri
System Admin

Your Notes is probably configured to recognize uuencoded attachments. Other
mail systems are probably configured to recognize only mime. Try getting a mime
encoder, there's several in the public domain. Search on the internet.

Richard Tong
Seagate Technology

you can use the attached program: mpack(See attached file: mpack)

hotmail does not support attachments!!


use mpack instead - it will do the MIME headers and encoding.

                l & h,

We use the MIME protocol to send attachments.
We have a perl script that utilizes the MIME
module for perl. We got it from the perl
resource kit.

If you obtain Perl-MIME and need help with
the script, I can send you a copy on Monday.
(Drop me a note). It is not convenient to
access my work server from home.


You could use pine or mutt. Mutt will do it from the command line:
mutt -a filename.ext -s subject

Tim Fritz

Get yourself a copy of mpack:

mpack/munpack MIME equivalent of uuencode/uudecode, free from

This is MIME standards compliant, and will present usable enclosures to any reasonable e-mail client (i.e, anything except mailtool).

> E4000 running solaris 2.5.1 > #uuencode filename filename | mail

This would be:

# mpack filename

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> Earlier today someone asked which hole to plug their speaker in on an > audio card, and now you ask how to send an attachment in your email > program?? > > Get a clue, read the agreement for this list (attached), and take your > non-sysadmin non-time-critical "issues" to another source (perhaps > newsgroups). You might even try opening the freakin' manual for Lotus > Notes! > > You are just adding noise to a list that already has a signal-to-noise problem. > > Sincerely, > > David Foster

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