SUMMARY: Need to find old patch revision

From: Jeff Kennedy (
Date: Tue Feb 29 2000 - 13:39:09 CST

I found the patch I needed thanks to Mike van der Velden who suggested
Lycos' ftpsearch engine. Also thanks to Jason Marshall, Thomas Anders,
David Foster, and Zmira Bernstein. Jason pointed out that he was using
2.6 with the latest patch level and it was working for him. So maybe
Legato got it wrong and that's not the problem.

Here are the sites that Mike gave me. I found it off the first one but
the second one was helpful as well, if only for future reference.

Thanks again.


Jeff Kennedy wrote:
> I need to find patch 105633 at no later than revision 3. My backup
> software is running on 2.6 and that works fine. Running the gui on a
> remote client using 2.5.1 it works. Running it on a remote client
> running 2.6 it hangs the entire client, not just the app.
> Unless you're running revision 3 or earlier of this patch. Anything
> later and it pukes worse than a teenager on Paddy's day.
> I know using this patch is a "bad thing" but until the software is
> fixed, I won't mention any names but their initials are LEGATO (BodTool,
> not Networker), I don't have much choice.
> So, if anyone can point me to this ancient artifact of a patch I would
> appreciate it.
> Thanks.
> Jeff Kennedy


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