SUMMARY: Sendmail - how to avoid /etc/mail/aliases lookup? (2)

From: Christian Pinheiro (
Date: Tue Feb 29 2000 - 12:38:14 CST

        Thanks all who answered to me.
        The solutions to my proble,:

        1) Hack sendmail
        2) Change aliases.db, reflect the changes to aliases flat file, so
sendmail will reflect again to aliases.db
        3) Change directly aliases flat file. I was avoiding this solution,
because is more difficult to change an ASCII file than changing a db
file. But I discovered a module called Unix_ConfigFile which handles
directly with /etc/mail/aliases flat file.


Christian Pinheiro
System Administrator - VeritelNet Brazil

Original post
        hi folks,

        I'm using a perl module which handles directly with Berkeley DB data
        We want to add/change/delete entries in our aliases.db file. The
scripts are working fine, one of them changes aliases.db and other
script changes virtual.db file.

        No problem with virtual.db file, but if I change aliases.db, these
changes does not work. I HAVE to change the aliases ASCII file to have
my changes reflected to aliases.db.

        Is there any way to tell to sendmail to look ONLY to aliases.db (like
it does with virtual.db) ???

        Thanks all

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