Summary: Which backup Software to use?

From: Andrew Watkins (
Date: Mon Feb 28 2000 - 10:32:25 CST


As someone said I opened a can of worms here! But here are the stats first:

Solstice Backup 5 (Legato Re-badged)
Legato NetWorker 7
Veritas Netbackup 7
Segate Backup Exec 1
Arkeia 2
Alexandria 1
Amanda 1

Total 24 replies

Comments I had were:

1) Backup modules are used, but due to the cost they are kept down to the min.
        - Oracle hardly used, can get by with out it
        - MS SQL and MS Exchange used.
2) Client pre- and post scripts are used to start/stop databases.

3) Performance problems with NT server!

4) Installing and setup seem to cause most problems.

5) O'Reilly again are here!

It looks like the fight is between Legato and Veritas, but if you include
Solstice into the figures then Legato is a winner, but I wonder is that more to
do with this list (Sun-Managers). It may come down to hardware support, since
we are going for a Mammoth-2 (60-150Gbytes on one tape), which has just been

Thanks for all the e-mail

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"Rodney Wines" <>
Rick Brashear <>
Paul Pescitelli <>
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<> (David B. Harrington)
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Andrew Watkins


> I have been looking at the archives and have not been able to find much about
> the above. There has been a lot of talk about backup devices, but not
> much about the software to go with it.
> I have been using amanda software, but I would like to find out what people
> are using, since we are about to get a bigger tape autoloader and wonder
> is it tike to switch software.
> Thinks which I would like to fine out.
> - Which software do you use to backup your system.
> - Do you have a mixed environment (UNIX/NT)
> - Do you use the extra Database backup modules (Oracle,SQL,etc) or do
> you get by with out them, since the cost of them is to high.
> I will summaries, since I believe this could be interesting to most of us.

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