SUMMARY: Jukebox problem

From: Detlev Habicht (
Date: Mon Feb 28 2000 - 02:07:50 CST

Hi all,

i have send questions about problems running an ADIC FastStore 22 Jukebox
with Suns Solstice Backup 5.1.

Well, this Jukebox isn't supported by Solstice Backup 5.1. It will run
with version 5.5.1 (so i have to order this version .... :-( ).

Then i asked for any "tricks" to solve my problem. I have found no tricks.
But i have a hint, perhaps helpful for other people: You can change the
FastStore 22 mode to a SCALAR library mode. I think this is an older
product from ADIC. Go to the diag menu and use SIGN ON to change the
mode. But i think SCALAR isn't supported by 5.1, too.

So, thanx to

Mark Hargrave <>
dharringt <> (David B. Harrington)

for trying to help me.



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