SUMMARY: Printing program code (C, Fortran)

From: Nils K. Schoyen (
Date: Mon Feb 28 2000 - 01:31:42 CST

Original posting:

> Those of you familiar with the ancient Imagen printer
> probably remember the command 'ilist'.
> ilist produced very fine program (Fotran, C) listings.
> E.g.,
> ilist main.c | lpr -Pimagen
> The print included line numbers, comment lines where greyed out
> and you could print 120 character lines. And more...
> If anyone known a Sun Solaris program that produces readable
> program code prints, please send me a mail :)


o Try c2ps by Dmitri Shtilman and Dmitri Makarov. Customizing is pretty simple.
  Grab it from

  Current version is 4.0, will compile on just about anything including Solaris.
o Try the default OpenWindows 3.x printing, mp

o GNU a2ps

o vgrind - Nice program listing (part of SUNWdoc package in Solaris)

o enscript
  has versions of enscript with language-sensitive highlighting.

Haven't had time to try more then a2ps, this works fine.

Thanks to all that responded!!!

Best regards,

Nils K. Sch°yen

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