SUMMARY: OT: HP plotter problem

From: Sam Don (
Date: Fri Feb 25 2000 - 17:07:34 CST

My post:

>I have a HP DesignJet 755CM (C3198B) plotter plugged into the >network.
>It's spooler is a Solaris 2.5.1 machine. I've set it up with >Jetadmin
>It prints, but AutoCAD prints are pushed off to the side of the roll.
>The last part of the AutoCAD figure ends up on the next page. Also, >it
>advances a lot (wasting lot of paper) before printing each time.

Thanks to
<> (David B. Harrington)

>You might try going to HP's website and search for drivers. Or check >the
>AutoCad folk's website.
>I got the same printer(!) which is connected thru TCP/IP to my Sun
> >network, and several Windows NT machines. I get all sorts of wierd
> >problems with this
>arrangement, but their HP's wesite is helpful.
>Dave Harrington
>VA Dept of Env Quality
>Voice: 804-698-4558
>FAX: 804-698-4561

The paper advancing was fixed by setting the print area to the inked area.
The plots printing on the side were fixed by adjusting the offset in the

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