SUMMARY: chown/file strangeness

From: Sam Don (
Date: Fri Feb 25 2000 - 16:39:59 CST

This was my original post:

>I've got a directory that is acting quite strange:
># ls -l nand5 nand5: No such file or directory
># ls -lq total 2 drwxr-xr-x 3 505 guest 512 Sep 13 1995 nand5
>(No control characters in the directory name).
>This works: # chown phil *
>But: chown -R phil * chown: can't change back to
>I noticed the problem because Veritas Netbackup wouldn't back it up: ERR -
>Cannot opendir /net/tap/export/sdadata/.group4/x9241rbz_0700.Fprj
>/edge/designs/tch/c5.64_lib/nand5 . Errno = 2: No such file or directory

Andrew Watkins <> hit the nail on
the head with his observation that this directory has
lost its i-node information. 'ls -li' displayed zilch.

He and pretty much everyone else suggested an fsck.
Lot of people also pointed out that the last character
in the name seemed to be a space, which was indeed
true. I'm scheduling fsck for Monday.

"Bruce R. Zimmer" <> had this to
add which might be relevant:

it looks like there is a file or subdirectory in the nand5
directory called <BS><SP>. A file like this should show up
if you would do ls -l nand5 | cat -vet

If it is not named that then I would suspect that it is
something else in the nand5 directory and not the directory
entry itself, because you can change the ownership of the
nand5 directory. However when you try to do it recursively
you get a message that you can't' change BACK to the original
directory, which is usually accomplished using the . and ..

"Litwin, Gary" <>
I have seen similar problems detected during Legato backups and found it
repairable by doing an fsck -y to the volume that the problem files are on.

Sometimes if there is hidden filesystem damage, utilities can acr

I usually use script (script > logfilename) to capture the results, so that
if there is other collateral damage, I can determine what to recover from

In addition thanks to the following:
Casper Dik <> (and truss on "ls -l nand5")
Chad Price <>
"German, Vinnie" <>
"Halverson, Mark" <>
Johnie Stafford <>
"Mark Sherman" <>
"Otto, Doug" <>
Palmieri, Matt" <> (broken hard link?)
Val Popa <>

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