SUMMARY: /etc/init with an "r" option????

From: Jeff Kennedy (
Date: Thu Feb 24 2000 - 16:10:09 CST

The only reply I received was from Mr. Dunham who suggested that an rc
script might not be exiting properly. No such luck.

SUN has not come up with even an explanation so I think a solution is
far enough in the future that it's not worth the hassle. So, I believe
we are going to start from scratch and see what happens.

Time for a rebuild ...


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Subject: /etc/init with an "r" option????
Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2000 16:31:41 -0800
From: Jeff Kennedy <>
To: Sun-Managers List <>

Greetings All,

I have a strange one that I hope someone else has seen too.

I have an E250, Solaris 2.6, VxFS (3.3 I think), A5100, and VM 3.0.2.
If I do a reconfigure boot in any form (ie. boot -r, reboot -- -r, or
touch /reconfigure), init runs with an "r" option when the system comes
back up. Meaning process id 1 at run-level 3 looks like

        /etc/init r

Never seen it before, never heard of it before. Done this 3 times just
to verify it's true.

I'm having all kinds of grief with this system and am wondering if it
all stems from this. My problems are mostly related to a snapshot
volume and backing it up using BudTool but that's another story.

Or maybe it isn't.....

What I have is a script for BudTool that mounts the snapshot volume and
then does it's thing. Problem is it pukes from the beginning because it
can't do the mount. Maybe it's related to the init, I don't know.

Here's hoping .....

Jeff Kennedy
UNIX Systems Administrator

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