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Date: Thu Feb 24 2000 - 15:54:53 CST

Original Question:
> We have a QMS1660 printer that's on our IP network. A SunOs machine
> acts as the server. The printer has two trays. Normal printing (to the
> default tray (8.5" x 11") works fine. The non-default tray
> holds larger paper (11" x 17"). At one time, people claim they were
> able to print from the larger tray from Unix but no longer can. Yet
> some people can print from within various applications that specify
> paper size (StarOffice(?)) So the tray/que does work, just
> not from the
> shell. I tried using admintool to add it, readd it, specify its IP
> address as the server, lp -o length=17 and a few other ideas, all to
> no avail. BTW, the last idea returned a warning thet the
> printer isn't
> configured to handle all lp options. Any ideas?

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The most useful information included:
From: "Merkert, Andrew P" <>

The following postscript code can be inserted into the plot file
so that the 11x17 paper tray is used:

        %%IncludeFeature: input (11x17)

This code should be inserted before the statement:


From: Danny Johnson <> using a paper size
name inside the parens instead of a tray number. B-size paper
is known to QMS as "Ledger", so to select B-size paper no
matter which tray you would use

#!/bin/sh -
for file
        echo "%!"
        echo "%%IncludeFeature: input (Ledger)"
        echo "%%EndComments"
        cat "$file"
        ) | lp -d realprintername

From: Eddy Fafard <>

Enscript has the option where you can specify tray number otherwise I had
to pass a potscript snippit first to make it work. Here is a web site
that explains it.

So when I get a chance, I'll roll the above script into a print filter

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