SUMMARY : sunos to solaris - clash uid and gid

From: Abu Ihsan (
Date: Wed Feb 23 2000 - 20:47:54 CST

I would like to thank Casper Dick, Imre Kolos and
Birger Wathne for their hint and guide.

It looks like I have no choice, have to release my
local GID 12 at SunOS to group daemon in my new
Solaris box. The group id is used in some code.
Below are are my original question and hint and guides
from the responders for those interested.

-- Abu Ihsan

------- MY ORIGINAL QUESTION ----------------------

I'm in the process of moving a host running SunOS
4.1.4 to Solaris 2.6.
I did a pwconv to get /etc/shadow but having trouble
pertaining to clash in system uid and gid like daemon,
bin, sys .
On my existing SunOS box, I have a gid 12 for a local
group. Since it clash with Solaris daemon's gid, can I
simply change the uid for daemon from 12 to other not
used gid say 21 ?
And how about other clash and changed uid say sys,bin

any hint is greatly appreciated.

--abu ihsan

---- Casper Dik <>

No, you cannot simply change it as the group is used
in some code.

You will need to renumber your own group.

In principle, all groups/users under 100 are reserved
for the


------ (Imre Kolos)------

I'd rather suggest you to move your local group on
your old
system to a new gid. Do something like:

find / -group 12 -exec chgrp 210 {} \;

You can do it on the solaris machine too, but then you
ensure that no system file is chgrp-ed, basicaly run
find only
on filesystems created under sunos, perhaps with the
option added.


------Birger Wathne <> ---

I would *not* change any of the solaris standard uid's
and gid's.

Any non-privileged user/group should be moved to
uid/gid > 100.

I would recommend that you simply change the uid/gid
for any of your
users/groups so get them > 100, and then use
find / -group 12 -exec chgrp 100 {} \;
find / -user XX -exec chown YY {} \;

This will take some time unless you can narrow the
scope down from /.

This must of course be done *before* upgrading to
Solaris, otherwise
will change the ownership of files you shouldn't
change as well.

If you have upgraded already, you have to know where
those files are,
narrow down the search so you don't hit any of
Solaris' files.


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