SUMMARY: JumpStart: "network_interface=PRIMARY" in the sysidcfg file

From: Jerry Lu (
Date: Wed Feb 23 2000 - 14:55:54 CST

Dear Sun Managers,

Thanks to:
Darren Dunham <>
Matthew Stier <>

I followed their suggestions and applied the patch 106193-03 to the cdrom image
(the mini root) on the jumpstart server, then it worked. I already tried to
jumpstart an Ultra 2 (with hme0 and hme1 network interfaces) and a Sparc 5 (with
le0 and le1 network interfaces) with the same sysidcfg file, and they both
didn't complain about the PRIMARY network interface.

On the jumpstart server, do the following:
        patchadd -C <net_install_image> <patch>

        patchadd -C /install/Solaris_2.6/Tools/Boot 106193-03

So far no one replied my second question about whether a certain patch is needed
in order for jumpstart to work without NIS or NIS+. I guess that certain patch
is no longer needed since my jumpstart works without NIS/NIS+. I'll post the
summary again if I got the answer.


> From: Darren Dunham <>
> Hmm. You applied it to the jumpstart 'server'. That may be a
> patch that has to be applied to the jumpstart kernel that is
> downloaded to the clients (since they're the part that actually
> reads the sysidcfg file). Did you apply it there?
> patchadd -C

> From: Matthew Stier <>
> Did you patch the server? or the the jumpstart image on the server?
> Patchadd support patching the jumpstart image, just for this
> kind of problem.

My original questions:

Dear Sun Managers,

My jumpstart server is an Ultra 2 machine running Solaris 2.6 (5/98) with latest
patches. I tried to jumpstart an Ultra 2 which has hme0 and hme1 network
interfaces, but got a network_interface (in sysidcfg) problem.

According to Sun's document, I should be able to specify PRIMARY as the
network_interface instead of hme0 in the sysidcfg file:
        network_interface=PRIMARY {netmask=}
But the jumpstart client complained "PRIMARY is not a valid network interface"
in the console window, then it started the interactive installation. I tried the
lower case primary and the quoted primary, but they both didn't work. I also
tried to jumpstart a SPARC 5 workstation which has le0 and le1 network
interfaces, but also got the same error. I needed to specify the value hme0 or
le0 for network_interface in the sysidcfg file:
        network_interface=hme0 {netmask=}

According to the BugID 4078069, this should already be fixed in the patch
106193-02. Our jumpstart server already has the patch 106193-03 applied. I
checked the README.106193-03 file and the BugID 4078069 is indeed fixed in this

I don't know why it doesn't work for me. Did I miss anything? Does anyone have
this problem, too?

Also, my colleague told me that I need to install a certain patch in order for
jumpstart to work without NIS or NIS+, but he forgot which patch it is. I
already tried without NIS/NIS+, and it worked. So I wonder whether that certain
patch is no longer needed.

Thank you for your help.

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