SUMMARY: CDE and xterms

From: Bernt Christandl (beb@MPA-Garching.MPG.DE)
Date: Wed Feb 23 2000 - 02:03:25 CST

Hello managers,

i've asked:
>I can't save xterms for my current session the way they are.
>I mean, if at logout time i have one xterm (size 36r x 90c) in workspace A
>and another one of that same size in workspace B,
>then when i login again, my session comes up with 2 xterms in the
>workspace where i left my last session and with a size of 65r x 50c.
>To me it seems that my CDE only saves the actual number of xterms,
>but not their sizes or "locations". And i can't find below my ~/.dt
>where these values are stored... What can i do better?
>I'm running on solaris 7 with all recommended patches from january 2000
>and all cde-1.3 patches. And AFS if that matters somehow...

and got two answers pointing me to $HOME/.dt/sessions/...
(which i was aware of). Now i *think* that my problem is AFS and how
AFS-tokens were "delivered" at login time, determining "who" is allowed
to do what...

Nevertheless i've learned some more details from

"Joshua Bennett" <> who wrote (extract):
>I believe you can also create ~/.dt/config/sessionetc file
>which will run applications after CDE starts up.

I did not "play" with that yet.

---------------------------------------------- (Imre Kolos) wrote:

this, you describe, is due to the fact that xterm only understands
the X toolkit style resource names while dtwm, the CDE window manager,
tries to feed it's own (Motif like?) resource hints to the programs.
Basically they are not compatible enough to work together fully
What you can do is hand modify the CDE session files and enter
the positional/size/etc. hints in the form xterm understands.

The session files are:
~/.dt/sessoins/<session name>/dt.session

You should create a HOME session because the current is overwritten
at logout, in the Style manager set Startup to "Return to Home session",
and then edit the home/dt.session file.

Here is an example for an xterm in workspace 3, size 80x60 at position
(560,120), starting iconized, with the icon somewhere at the right side
of the screen:

dtsmcmd -hints "-geometry 80x60+565+144 -state IconicState -workspaces \"ws3
\" -cmd \"xterm -geometry 80x60+560+120 -xrm *iconGeometry:+1090+96 -iconic -n
olympus \"" -screen 0 -cmd "xterm -geometry 80x60+560+120 -xrm
*iconGeometry:+1090+96 -iconic -n olympus"


With these entries i've play around a bit, but with no success :(

Thank you all again,

Bernt Christandl

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