SUMMARY: how to determine my ethernet card

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Date: Tue Feb 22 2000 - 20:31:37 CST

Thanks to Marco Greene, Neill Mark, Kulp Scott,
Lonnie Ratliff.

Sun has only a few ethernet cards.
le - lance Ethernet 10Mb/sec
hme - 10/100 Mb/sec
qfe - quad ethernet card.....etc

Generally, hme0 or le0 would be an integrated

I had run prtdiag -v but it didn't show me the
part numbers and descriptions.

Lonnie had provided me the site to
download the sysinfo program. This program is
fantastic and it will provide you all your
system info.

Love Sun

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>Dear Sun Managers,
>I have a SS1000E, 40Mhz, with Solaris 2.6.
>How do I check what types of ethernet cards
>I'm using.
>lebuffer0 at sbi0: SBus0 slot 0 0x40000
>le0 at lebuffer0: SBus0 slot 0 0x60000 SBus
>level 4 sparc ipl 7
>le0 is
>lebuffer1 at sbi1: SBus1 slot 0 0x40000
>le1 at lebuffer1: SBus1 slot 0 0x60000 SBus
>level 4 sparc ipl 7
>le1 is
>Love Sun
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