[SUMMARY] Jumpstarting 420R with 2.6

From: Arthur Darren Dunham (add@netcom.com)
Date: Mon Feb 21 2000 - 19:00:18 CST

Original message:
> I just got 7 of those new 420R machines with 450MHz processors.
> Apparantly this combination doesn't boot from the 2.6 5/98 Cdrom, but
> requires the Environmental installation cdrom to work with any OS older
> than 2.7 to get a working installation.
> I'm assuming that this is going to cause issues with my jumpstart
> stuff.
> Is anyone out there jumpstarting these machines with 2.6? Are there
> any issues with it? What do I need to do to avoid putting any CDs in
> these machines?

Well, lots of requests for summaries on this one. Some suggestions were
to look on sunsolve for some patches, but I wasn't able to find anything
relevant myself. In fact I found one SRDB that flat out said that only
2.7 was usable on a 420.

However, others suggested actually looking on the Operating Envrionment
Installation CD that came with the machines. *Duh*. I just booted from
it, I didn't bother inspecting it.

When you look at the CD, there is a Patch directory, and there is a
modify_install_server script. This can be used to modify a 2.5.1 or a
2.6 installation jumpstart server. After the machine is jumpstarted,
the Patches in the Patch directory must be installed. The modified
jumpstart installation is supposed to remain compatible with previous

Also, with the fairly unique string "modify_install_server" in hand, I
went back and found better information on Sunsolve. Relevant articles

SRDB 20576
SRDB 21571

I just ran the modification today. I'll be wiring all the machines
tomorrow and doing the jumpstart. I'm assuming all will go well.

Thanks again!

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