SUMMARY: wide scsi sbus card

Date: Mon Feb 21 2000 - 13:58:07 CST


here is an old summary about getting sbus fast wide scsi cards to work.
thanks to all that helped. what I needed was the patch 105222


becki kain

I have an Ultra 2 with two sbus fast wide scsi cards in it (they are
referred to in the dmesg as:
     QLGC,isp0 at sbus0: SBus0 slot 0x0 offset 0x10000 SBus level 3 sparc9
ipl 5
     isp0: Firmware Version: v1.24, Customer: 15, Product: 0
     I think they are called swift cards)

Anyway, I'm trying to upgrade to solaris 2.6 on this machine, with a disk
built on another Ultra 2 and swapped in.
I installed on the new disk SUNWhmd SUNWhmdu from the 2.6 cd (build 5.98)
but the machine will not boot. Please,
what else do I need to do to get this Ultra 2 to boot with these cards in
it? When I take them out, of course, it boots fine.
I have done a boot -r as well, but the boot process hangs as the machine is
 loading the kernel.

Please respond to
cc: (bcc: Becki Kain/Gale)

Subject: Re: wide scsi sbus card/2.6

(Embedded image moved to file: pic00713.pcx)

    My suggestion is that you boot with a cdrom, mount the root partition
rm the /etc/path_to_inst. The files contain various addresses for the
machines. It's not identical. After you have remove the file from the
partition of the disk. Umount it and do a "boot -rav" at the OK prompt.
should be getting a boot and with lots of questions too. Just accept the
defaults, but when the system complaints about not being able to find the
/etc/path_to_inst file, and ask you if you want to create one, just answer
yes. If everything is alright, then you should be able to continue

Adzman SK.

To: "''" <>
cc: (bcc: Becki Kain/Gale)

Subject: AW: wide scsi sbus card/2.6

(Embedded image moved to file: pic09584.pcx)

there is a patch for exactly this problem (I run into it last weekend
an update of my servers ...)

look for patch 105222 (I think -03 is the current version)


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