SUMMARY: in.ftpd slow performance

From: Atatur YILDIRIM (
Date: Mon Feb 21 2000 - 08:55:01 CST

Hi all,

    Thanks to everybody responding,

    Brendan Choi has stated:
    Make sure ethernet cable are straight thru, not crossover cables.

    Bismark Spinoza has stated:
    Check the half/full duplex settings of the SUN box and the
full/duplex setting of the ethernet switch.

    Thanks particularly to Gary Menna stating that
    Try a ftp with hash marks turned on . Is it continuous or
        does it stop every now and again . Sounds like you are getting
collisions .
        Check your hub , switch etc , replace the cables for the sun on
        box and the switch etc . I had very simmilar recently and a new
cable fixed it .
        Or it could be one of your networking boxes .
        The simple things are usually the first to go.

Erin Jones has explained a Windows MTU size bug and provided an address:

The solution was simple; SUN box has connected to a switch whereas the
other boxes have connected to a simple hub. Once SUN has also connected
to the hub, the problem of slow ftp performance has gone. Probably the
switch settings were not correct and/or it's badly configured.


My original mail is:

    In the same subnet, there is a DEC Unix and Solaris 2.6 machine as
well as some win2000 clients. The problem reported to me is that 2.6
machine (an Ultra 3500) experiences very slow in.ftpd performance when
ftp'ed from 2000 machines. Particularly any files bigger than a few MB
are very slowly (1-2Kb/sec) uploaded or not uploaded at all. Also
reported that the DEC machine's ftp server works ina normal fashion.
I just checked in remotely and I first used DEC machine to upload some
files from Solaris box, it first experienced the same slowness as
Solaris but then worked normal several times (in terms of speed) .
Solaris ftp server, on the other hand, first showed normal ftp response
in terms speed (~140KB/sec) during download but then I tried to upload
and it hang and did a very slow ftp response several times. I used DEC
machine to ftp during this. This a 10 Mb/s environment and things has
gone well until one week ago.
I also make people reboot their Solaris box but it also did not help.

    I checked 106301-01, /usr/sbin/in.ftpd patch but seems installed.
Has anybody experienced the same very poor in.ftpd performance on
Solaris 2.6 box whereas the other unixes on the same subnet seems


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