SUMMARY: XTerminal XDM Problem Solaris 7

From: Christian Haul (
Date: Mon Feb 21 2000 - 08:51:42 CST

Original Question:

> Our X-terminals connect through an indirect query to one central host
> (Solaris 7, "panama") which presents a chooser to them. For reasons
> unknown to me it is not possible to choose the host that generates the
> chooser, i.e. instead of presenting the login greeting the chooser is
> redisplayed. It is possible, though, to connect through a direct
> query, i.e. the login greeting is displayed.
> To confuse things even more, there is another Solaris 7 host ("suez")
> that behaves correctly but for various reasons it is not desirable to
> have that one redirect the clients. To my knowledge both "panama" and
> "suez" use the same dt-config (i.e. /etc/dt/config containing Xaccess
> Xconfig Xservers.gfx Xsetup sys.dtwmrc is identical).
> Which config files might I have missed?
> How could this behaviour be explained?


I got the following two responses. Unfortunately, neither did help me
solve the problem :( Still, I'd like to thank both Birger Wathne and
Matthew Stier for their replies.


Birger Wathne ( wrote:
> Someone could have edited files in /usr/dt instead of copying to /etc/dt
> as they should have. Files in /etc/dt take precedence, but check all files
> that are not overridden in /etc/dt
> Check patch levels for both machines.

I compared all files in /usr/dt/config on both machines using GNU "diff
-uNr" to no avail.

But I know that the two machines have a different patch
level. Interestingly enough, "panama" has all current patches applied
while "suez" still has some patches pending. I hate to say among them
OpenWindows patches.... So probably a patch is broken.

Matthew Stier ( wrote:
> Known bug in dtchooser if using -indirect and CHOOSER BROADCAST mode.
> The workaround is to disable broadcast mode, and use a static list of hosts.

I should have said that that's exactly what we're doing. BTW: While
"suez" and some other machines (Solaris 2.5.1) appear with their
hostname only, "panama" appears with its fully qualified hostname.

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