SUMMARY: rpcbindkeyserv failed

Date: Fri Feb 11 2000 - 14:02:16 CST

the answer came from Sun. older cuts of solaris 7 (cuts before 11/99) had
a bug (id 4194687) where the keyserv would try to start up, which it
shouldn't, on reboot. the work around is either use a newer cut of the cd
or set your /etc/domainname, even if you're not using NIS. I am assuming
that is why a lot of folks never saw it as a problem - they use NIS so
they had this set.

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Subject: rpcbindkeyserv failed

Folks, I seached the archive, and can't find this one. I did search deja
and found an answer which was "put both the
FQDN and the short name in the hosts file, which I already have. anyway,
this is under solaris 7 for sparc. when it
boots, I get this failure:

starting rpc services: rpcbindkeyserv: failed to generate host's netname
when establishing root's key.
 keyserv done.

I have not tried to set up keyserv, so I'm not certain why this would be


becki kain

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