SUMMARY: Thread Synchronization on 450's

Date: Fri Feb 11 2000 - 09:18:13 CST

   This is a long one coming, but here's what we did.. Original post is at
end of this message.

   We patched the machine to the current rev's for everything, including the
   prom. We still saw the problem. Eventually we brought in the Sun Service
   people, and they noticed that this machine had ip_forwarding set to 1, the
   machine was acting as a router needlessly. Turning this off really
   improved things, and our performance was back up to a normal, and even
   fast level. Then we experienced several spontaneous reboots. One of the
   CPU's was then replaced along with a power supply. Now our application
   runs well with ip_forwarding off or on..

   So.. The story is.. everything is working OK.. It's about to go into

   But as a postscript... Does anyone know of any situations where SSL and
   frames don't work well together??


   Original Post.

We have been suffering through an issue the last couple of weeks.. We have
Netscape, oracle, and some java code running an application on a 450 here
in the office. We've ported it to another 450 at a site where they do the
and do support 7x24. It doesn't work at this other site.. We see that the
back from this java code is freezing... a problem we can get the system here
to duplicate... ( note OS 2.6, netscape 3.6.2, java 1.1 )

Now.. are there any patches that I need to know about??? I just noticed that
the prom levels are quite different. Here it is on the machine that's having
the problem

 OBP 3.12.2 1998/09/14 11:28 POST 6.0.6 1998/07/16 18:40

and here it is on the machine NOT having the problem...

 OBP 3.14.1 1999/02/12 07:50 POST 6.0.9 1999/02/12 07:52

Should I get this hosting company to call Sun Support and get this resolved??


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