SUMMARY: NIS+ new master server

From: Kyle, Andrew (
Date: Fri Feb 11 2000 - 04:59:27 CST


Here is my original question....

> Hi all,
> I want to move our NIS+ master server from one server to another. I was
> wondering if the following would be possible to do this:
> 1. Create a new server say, master1
> 2. Copy the /var/nis directory from our master server onto master1
> 3. Shutdown master (our replica server should take over the NIS+
> 3. Change the ip address of master1 and the hostname so it is the same as
> the original master server
> 4. Reboot the new master server
> 5. Start the rpc.nisd daemon.
> I am hoping that the new server will now act as the master server. Is this
> possible? Anyone have any other ideas for doing this?
> I will summarise.
> Thanks in advance,
> Andrew

Thanks to:
Kevin O'Brien
Matt Reynolds
Torsten huebler

What I wanted to do was copy the /var/nis area so I didn't have to dump the
NIS+ tables and reload them again on the new server. Sun suggest to dump the
tables and reload them. This will take ages (esp. as we have a few site
specific tables) and you can easily miss something doing it this way.

As my new server will have the same hostname, domainname and ip address I
shouldn't have to dump and reload the tables onto the new server (I'm

Torsten replied saying that he had done the same thing before and it worked,
so I think I will have to give it a go. It seems a much simpler way and
hence safer.


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