SUMMARY: /usr/man ----> ./share/man....????

From: German, Vinnie (
Date: Thu Feb 10 2000 - 14:56:01 CST

Special thanks to :

Jimmy Covington

who came up with the right answer:

I just needed to set my MANPATH variable to /opt1/man
and that got my going.

thank again,

My original question:

On one of my server I have the man pages under /usr/man which
>was like in most of the server a link to /usr/share/man thi sis so by
>Beacuse I did not have enough space under "/usr" I decided to move the
>"/usr/man" which once again was a link to "/usr/share/man" to "/opt1/man"
>then I removed the link from "/us/man" and made a new link to "/opt1/man"
>So when I cd to "/usr" I could see my new link of the man pages and it
>like this:
> man ---> ../opt1/man
>and man is a link
>My question is why my man pages are not working now.
>Thanks in advance.

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