Summary: Sybase Adaptive Server or IQ with Solstice Backup

From: Coffindaffer, Virginia (
Date: Thu Feb 10 2000 - 14:31:39 CST

Does anyone have a direct way of saving Sybase SQL Server or Sybase IQ by
 using Solstice Backup ? Remember, Sybase has its own dump.
Sybase 11.5
Solstice Backup 5.5.1
> >

Thanks to:
Tom Jones
Terry Hawkins
Birger Wathne (Getronics)

There is a BusinessSuite Module for Sybase and Networker (a.k.a Solstice
Backup)sold from Sun - part LSBIS-100-2153 for a large amount of money -
list $6750.

The problem comes from Sybase having its own dump and Solstice Backup having
another dump (really ufsdump(s)). The old way was to dump the Sybase out to
a file then dump this file to tape using Solstice Backup or tar or whatever.
With databases the sizes they are now, the old way is not a solution - too
much disk space being used.

To read about this product, go to internet page:

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