SUMMARY: problem with mailx, again

From: Aki Sasaki (
Date: Wed Feb 09 2000 - 14:34:01 CST

Thanks to:

Chan Cao
Simon-Bernard Drolet
Danny Johnson

Chan Cao and Simon-Bernard Drolet suggested different permissioning
and options to exporting/mounting the spool directory.

Danny Johnson said my server's lockd has probably died... and that
was the culprit.

On Fri, 4 Feb 2000, Aki Sasaki wrote:

>Hi all,
>last time I brought up this mailx problem and got no real answer...
>i thought i fixed it and then it came up again.
>Now it's back, on new machines.
>I have /var/spool/mail NFS automounted off of an Auspex server, and
>on the server itself mail is fine. On the clients it hangs.
>Has anyone else seen anything like this?
>I'm on Solaris 2.6 clients, patched to 105181-17.
>Here's a description of the symptoms:
>> /usr/ucb/mail works if you want to send mail, but not if you want
>> to read it (hangs if mailbox non-empty)
>> /usr/bin/mail partially works if you want to read mail, but not if
>> you want to send it (with the argument -f /var/spool/mail/{account}
>> instead of -u {account}).
>> but...
>> when using /usr/bin/mail to read mail, if you modify your mailbox (by
>> deleting some, but not all, of the messages), you get the message
>> mail: Cannot chown savefile
>> and /var/spool/mail/{account} is emptied, nothing seems to be saved
>> either to an mbox file, or to anything in /var/tmp or /tmp (although
>> there is a 0 size file in /var/tmp which may be related).

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