[SUMMARY] Finding memory slot info without opening the cover

From: Paramasivam, Meenakshisundaram (mparamas@iupui.edu)
Date: Thu Feb 03 2000 - 13:23:49 CST

Thanks to all of those who responded in a very short time. Responses are
still arriving while I am typing this Summary! I should have searched Sun
Managers FAQ/Archive before I posted my question. I am sorry.

Summary of responses:

1) Answer is in Sun Managers FAQ/Archive.

At the O/S level:
   2) /usr/platform/`uname -i`/sbin/prtdiag -v
      /usr/platform/sun4u/sbin/prtdiag -v
      (Note: -v lists only total memory
             -pv lists memory module info, in a not-easy-to-understand way)

   3) Use sysmon from Sun

   4) Many suggested "memconf" perl script at:
      http://netnow.micron.net/~tschmidt/memconf.html (Thanks to the author)

At the boot prompt:
   5) Change the diag-switch? to true at ok prompt

        setenv diag-switch?=true
        setenv diag-mode=true
        setenv boot=disk net

        when restart the system then it shows you all the slots and
controller info.

I took the easy way; I used memconf, and I got what I wanted.


-----Original Message-----
I would like to add more memory to my Ultra-10 (Sol 2.6) machine.
Is there a way to find out how many memory slots are used, and how much
memory each used slot holds, WITHOUT opening the cover?

On HP-UX boxes, I can do this at the boot prompt.

Sundar Paramasivan mparamas@iupui.edu
Systems Administrator
Indiana University Radiology/Imaging Science


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