SUMMARY: Privileged or User UE Error

From: Bernt Christandl (beb@MPA-Garching.MPG.DE)
Date: Thu Feb 03 2000 - 02:37:23 CST

Hello managers,

i've asked for help/explanation on the following errormessages
(/var/adm/messages), i've got after 2 crashes on my Ultra 2,
Solaris 7, Recommended (and cde-1.3) patches from January 2000:

   Feb 2 14:01:42 sun unix: panic[cpu1]/thread=401a5e60:
   Feb 2 14:01:42 sun unix: CPU1 CPU%d Privileged UE Error:
   AFSR 0x00000000.80200000 AFAR 0x00000000.5c505f78 UDBL MemMod U0703 U0603

   Feb 2 15:22:27 sun unix: panic[cpu0]/thread=4002be60:
   Feb 2 15:22:27 sun unix: CPU0 User UE Error:
   AFSR 0x00000000.00200000 AFAR 0x00000000.472c1748 UDBL MemMod U0503 U0403

The crashes happened, when the load was at about 4 (is that high???
For 2 CPUs???) and both times i was running catman on the OS-manualpages.


I've got several helpful answers, but no definitve explanation of
what my problem is (was?). To sum them up in short:

-> These messages point to cpu and/or memory modules and it may be helpful
   to pull them out from the motherboard and plug them in again to
   assure that their contacts are all good. (And blow the dust away!)

-> It may be that i have to update the PROM version if necessary.
   (How to decide whether it's "necessary"?)

-> Another suggestion (by Kulp, Scott <>) was to
   change the memory modules, if there are third party modules
   or modules of different sizes: third party/modules with higher
   capacity first (nearest to the cpu's).

-> "Huang S. Yann" <> told me, that he had solved
   this problem for his E450, by changing the CPU and fixing the ambient
   temperature at 18 degrees celsius.


My actual status (on a running machine) is this:
I had "catman" running both times the machine crashed and i have seen,
that with one of the recommended/security-patches a new catman has come.
So i backed it out again. (Patch 107038-01)
This morning the load stays under 2 and i don't run catman.
Now i wait and hope, before i will do some more tests... (load, catman :)
When the machine crashes again, i will open it and re-seat the cpu and
memory modules...


My searches on the sunsolve site don't reveal anything interesting
on this error messages


My searches in the sunmanagers-mailinglist-archive
( reveal two other summaries,
but because they don't describe my exact situation, i dared to
asked the list again. Nevertheless i include parts of them hereafter.


Date: 3 March 1999, 12:01
Subject: SUMMARY: panic: Privileged UE Error
From: (Armin Ollig)

Some days ago i asked for a hint with the following kernel panic:

panic[cpu0]/thread=0x30023e80: CPU0 Privileged UE Error:
AFSR 0x00000000 80200000 AFAR 0x00000000 22c88400 SIMM U0502 U0402

The same problem obviously leads to another panic:

panic[cpu0]/thread=0x30023e80: CPU0 User UE Error:
AFSR 0x00000000 00200000 AFAR 0x00000000 27212600 SIMM U0502 U0402

Here's the solution:

On the motherboard of the U2 there's an ID for each RAM Slot. Locate the
slots "U0502" and "U0402" and replace the SIMMS.


Subject: SUMMARY: Ultra 2 (Solaris 7) Multiple Privileged UE Errors
Date: 28 April 1999, 18:58
From: (Tim Carlson)

Not really a summary, rather a workaround:

Scott suggested reseating the CPUs. Pete vaguely remembered something from
an FE handbook. I was going to drop by his place to pick them up but just
got too busy (He is in the same town).

I have come to somewhat of a realization that a 16x64 memory configuration
in an Ultra2 (2x296) OBP 3.19 Solaris 7 doesn't work. I tried three
different configurations of 12x64 that were rock solid under a high memory
load. Went to 16x64 and it croaked. Took the extra 4x64 out of that
machine and put it in another machine (8x64) and it stood up under a high
memory load.

I've done enough testing to convince myself that the 16x64 configuration
just doesn't work. I probably have not done enough testing to convince Sun
of this given the fact that these are all 3rd party mem modules.

If anybody is running smoothly in my problem configuration I would love to
hear about from them.



My thanks again to all of you who took time to answer me!

With regards,

Bernt Christandl

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