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From: nancy (
Date: Wed Feb 02 2000 - 17:49:50 CST

the original question is:
> I want to know where I can find some tools for system monitor. If there is
> somesthing,the file system full,for example, happened, the tools could
> a e-mail to the system administrator.

a lot of people responded,and they mentioned many tools.
thank you all for your great help.
the following is the suggestions i got till i send the summarization.

1.ntop: it is useful for network monitor.(Sugan Moodley)
2:symon:(Alfredo De Luca,Jarrett Carver,Dwarfie,
3:xosview: tell you all the system resources on-line in a graphic
way.(Riccardo Veraldi)
4:a script to monitor your file systems. Edit the last 3 lines and
replace your email addr. Comment the part /usr/scripts/sms. It can be used
to send text messages to GSM Cellular phone. see the attachment. (Hannes
5.SUN's very own explorer package. (Holmes Andy) I havent tried it yet. (Dieter Gobbers)
7.UNICENTER-TNG: This sofware is from CA. (Salman Farooq)
8.big brother: (Benedetto Lo Giudice,Patrice
Allais,fabiola Caceres,Colin Melville,Stephen Johnston,Chitti Murty,Robert
Johannes) (German Vinnie,Harry Ford,Chris Tubutis,Thomas
Carter,Palmieri Matt,Jeff Kennedy,)
9. netsaint: (Yash Khemani)
10.tkinet: a tk/tcl tool that allows you to monitor an entire network,
incluiding monitoring error messages. (Jarrett
Carver) <>
precompiled.(Wimmer Jeffrey)
12.Top:you might have to parse the output and use a Perl script to send an
email based on performance parameters . (Wimmer Jeffrey)
13.spong: I havent tried yet. (Dan Simoes)
14. Disksuite or veritas: (Chris Daudert)
15.syswatch: a cool tool, web based and TCL/TK.(Dobson Jed)
16.nocol: you can get it from some of the freeware sights,i havent tried
yet.(Scott Pitsley)
17.Xlogmaster:tool for monitoring system logs. Has "run" mode - i.e. run
programs ( for example df -k ;), patterns mathcing, actions and so on.
Check it out. It can be found at (Serg Ice Tsyganenko)
18.big sister. check it out at it is a perl based
monitoring tool. (Erin Jones)
Free, configurable, flexible, all Perl. Only problem is that it tends to be
heavily Linux-centric. Some modules of the tool require Perl modules that
haven't been fully ported to Solaris. A small matter, however; the base
is superb.(Chris W Knox)

nancy zhou

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