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Date: Tue Feb 01 2000 - 15:12:53 CST


Can anybody elaborate on exactly nfs2_limit_inum is and what will happen if in
the /etc/system has the following entry:
set nfs: nfs2_limit_inum=0

Thanks to: Paquette, Trevor" <>

Found it..

Using Solaris 2.6 with Non-ClearCase Access

If you use non-ClearCase access from a NFS v2 server on a Solaris 2.6
machine, you are required to add the following line to /etc/system on each
Solaris 2.6 NFS v2 server.

set nfs:nfs2_limit_inum=0

Starting with Solaris 2.6, the NFS v2 server code, by default, added a check
to ensure that inode numbers have fewer than 31 bits of data. This check is
not valid for file systems using all of the 32-bit unsigned inode, such as
the MVFS. Making this proposed change to /etc/system disables this check.

MVFS is:
ClearCase has the most elaborate NFS-based solution, interposing its own
filesystem (MVFS, the multi-version filesystem) between the user and the
shared repository.

ClearCase seems to be a version control system..

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