SUMMARY: Ultra60 and 2 SWIS-cards ...

From: Masopust Christian (
Date: Tue Feb 01 2000 - 04:31:57 CST


> I've installed 2 SWIS-cards (PartNo: X6540A) in my Ultra 60, but
> probe-scsi-all doesn't recognize them!
> A boot -r creates the device-files for the connected disks and format does
> see the disks but also
> cannot recognize them (it shows them as 'drive type unknown' and
> auto-configure fails!)


I needed to update my boot-prom to a more recent one (Patch 106455-xx)!

Thanks to:

Mike Mehran Salehi
David L. Markowitz
Adrian Stovall
Scott Kulp

and special thanks to:

Norbert Traub from Sun ...

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