UFS to XFS [Summary]

From: Michael DeSimone (michael@desimone.net)
Date: Mon Jan 31 2000 - 19:54:27 CST

I wrote:

I have a Sun E450 with Solaris 2.6 that has an MTI Gladiator 3600 with 36 9
GB drives that will be laid out in 11 filesystems for an Oracle database.
Management, in their immense cost cutting wisdom, has delayed my receipt of
Veritas FS and VM. My question is can I lay out my disks and format them
with UFS and get started with the real work and have Veritas convert them to
VXFS later or will I need to completely reformat when Veritas finally

Thanks to all who replied:
Jonathan Loh Jonathan.Loh@bankofamerica.com
Steve Turgeon Steve_Turgeon@putnaminv.com
Kevin Sheehan kevin@joltin.com
Timothy Lindgren <Timothy_Lindgren@enron.com>
Byron byeiser@us.chep.com
Bill Bartlett <bartlett@metro1.com>
Paul Pescitelli <pbp@mindspring.com>

The overwhelming consensus was that I must rebuild if converting from UFS to
VxFS. For those of you that have existing UFS systems and want to move to
Veritas it is possible but time and labor intensive. The following
suggestions were made:

Byron wrote:
I talked with SUN and they informed me that the only way that you could
was to recreate the filesystem under the Veritas and then move the data over
from the ufs. then delete the ufs filesystem.
--This is, for me at least, not an option. I don't have the extra storage or
time as my deadlines are already riduclously short as it is.

Timothy Lindgren wrote:
You can convert UFS to VxFS with a utility called "vxconvert", that comes
Vxfs.This, however does require parental supervision. By that I mean Veritas
only support it if you contract them to do the actual conversion. But it
can be
--With my evaporating budget this senerio is even less likely. For those
that must do it and can afford it this seems the way to go.

Jonathan Loh suggested using SDS but it (according Jonathan) allows 7
filesystems which does not meet my needs.

Another suggestion was to obtain a 30 day Temp liscesen, which I just got
today after trying for a week, and use that until I get my perm liscense.
That has been my plan but it took longer then I thought to get the temp
liscense and I still don't have media or a login to download it from
Veritas' ftp site. (If anybody has it where I could download it I would be
very thankfull).

A number of comments where also made regarding the fact that "Management
shelled out for a 450 and 36 9 gigers what is the problem with the software
that makes it work?" Well if you only knew...... I have had to cut all
redundancy out of my system to save money, i.e. no HA, failsafe, or even a
hot standby for DB, app, firewall, heck I don't even have a secondary DNS
server. I have to wait for the next round of funding for those. Going with a
startup is fun!!!

Thanks again,
Michael DeSimone
Manager Online Operations

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