Summary: Burning CD Roms on Solaris/SPARC Hardware

From: Gary Carr (
Date: Mon Jan 31 2000 - 14:16:39 CST

Original Posting:
> Does anyone have experience writing CD's from SPARC/Solaris hardware?
> I'm looking for hardware/software to create CD's for software distribution
> and possibly permanent data archiving.

Many thanks to all of you who replied, I got quite a few responses, and
will probably receive even more. However a pattern has definitely developed.

A number of people are burning CD's from Solaris, so it seems to be
eminently doable.

3 people are using Yamaha CD-RW hardware, most commonly CRW4416SX model of
one kind or another. See
Had one report each of Pinnacle Micro Rwritable CDROM, Fire Service CD
Writer(, and Plextor PlexWritor 4/2/20x.
man/README/README-1.8 at the CDRecord site has a list of compatible hardware.

The faq has a list of software for CD-RW. I got more than 10
recommendations for mkisofs and CDRecord in the replies I received. It is
free and seems to be doing a good job for a lot of people. The CDRecord web
site also has a lot of information:
I also liked, very
detailed instructions.

I also got one recommendation to forget about Solaris and do it on Linux,
much easier. May be true but I don't have a Linux machine, and have never
built one, so we will probably stay with Solaris.

We will probably take a look at one of the Yamaha CD-RW drives and give
CDRecord a try on one of our Solaris boxes.

Again, many thanks to everyone who took the trouble to reply.

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