SUMMARY: HP Jetadmin and root printing problems

From: Wolfgang Leideck (
Date: Mon Jan 31 2000 - 02:21:43 CST

i have resolved my problem. I have just configured the printer to get his
configuration via network with bootpd and with jetadmin i've added this printer
to local spooler. After that it works fine for me, but why does it work with
network configuration and not with manual configuration?

The original question was:
> Hello,
> i have installed HP Jetadmin D06.21 on a enterprise 450 under solaris 2.7.
> The connection to the printer is enabled but i could not print any page,
> only the testpage from the jetadmin utility. It could be a sort of permission
> problems but i have compared the permissions with a different print server.
> They are all equal.
> What's wrong here?

Thanks again

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