Summary: Ultra 5: can not detest SCSI devices

From: Michael Wang (
Date: Sun Jan 30 2000 - 03:12:12 CST

I asked:

> I have a Ultra 5 that has a vertical board with three PCI slots.
> I have two SCSI card, Antares Wide SCSI adapter, and Sun differential
> SCSI adapter.
> ok> probe-scsi-all
> only shows
> pci@...
> but not any device. The disks, floppy, CDROM works fine. It boots up
> ok.
> The system is under warranty. How can I find out what piece of hardware
> is the problem, so that I can get a replacement? Thanks.

It was my fault. I made a mistake that who is the singled ended
scsi controller, who is the differential scsi controller. I mixed
up the type of device with the controller. After checking this and
that, finally I checked the basic, sigh ...

But during the checking, I found:
ok show-post-results
Status 0=Pass, Non-Zero=Fail (%o0): 0
Message String (%o1):
Board Descriptor (%o2): 233330200001b
What does this mean? Thanks.

Michael Wang

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