Summary: telnet problem and /etc/services problem

Date: Fri Jan 28 2000 - 21:00:36 CST

Ok......the answer to problem
a)comment out CONSOLE=/dev/console in the /etc/default/login file......
someone added "that it is better for security and accounting to have users
log in
and su - to root" philosophy would be to have as little accounts as
possible on the machine I think there is less targets for a hole in the
machine.....would anyone like to add their two cents on this?

b)one of the answers "i haven't verified yet" is that someone else is using
one of the ip's associated with my network card....that sounds correct as I
remember someone using one of the addresses as a "dummy" address recently
while we wre building the network........someone else stated an /inetd
issue......I will post the correct answer once I verify it........

thanks and have a good weekend,

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