SUMMARY: Adding a D1000 to a live system

From: Eddy Fafard (
Date: Fri Jan 28 2000 - 17:35:43 CST

Thanks to everyone who replied.

The general concensious was yet it could be done and some
said they have done it. Powered off, attach it to the system, power it
on run
the appropriate commands drvconfig drvconfig disks and it should
be seen.

But to be safe shut down attach and reboot.

Original question :


We have a E250 with 2 double channel scsi cards with a D1000 attached to
it for use as an Oracle database server. The question came up can we add
another D1000 to the E250
without rebooting ie: plug it in to the 2 free scsi channels and then
use the porcedure
to add extra drives without rebooting which I have done. I am not to
keen on the idea and
will talk hime out of it even if some says it will work but was
wondering if anyone has tried it or have any opionions.

TIA Eddy

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