Summary: FTP Server Problems

From: Sullivan, Rich (
Date: Fri Jan 28 2000 - 16:19:07 CST

Hey everyone, thank for all of the answers......
the question was:

Does anyone have an idea why I can't see symbolic links through a web
browser???? I created a symbolic link from the files from directory "a" to
directory "b". I can see the files when I go to ftp:a But when I go to ftp:b
I cannot. Now I can do a more on the files within the directories under the
"id" of the owner in "a" and also under the "id" of the owner in "b" and
vise versa within each directory. So I have thrown out the idea of it being
a "group" or "permissions" issue.
This has to be solved "asap" so if anyone has an ideas please let me know.
I am looking into a possible proxie issue but I can't track anything down.
But I can hit the directories I just can't see the files in the target
folders. The ones associated with ftp:b. BUT only the links. I can see test
files that I dump in there.

The answer: Well someone in my company wrote another web browser
application...thats appeared that things were not on the unix
end of things but on the NT Explorer side of unusual... ;-)

However people, many people mentioned the symlinks option "like in apache".
That was a very logical suggestion. The problem however was not observing
the links....they worked fine....
it was with explorer......which is a great ap...but there are many versions
floating around with many variables to configure....nuff said!

richard sullivan

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