More [non-summary] "Resource temporarily unavailable" for a printer?

From: Bruce Bowler (
Date: Fri Jan 28 2000 - 08:44:45 CST

There was a user on the machine in question who had a .tif file that opened
fine with xv, but when he tried to open it with imagetool, imagetool would
hang. If I kill the imagetool job, lp starts working again. Go figure...

So now I have a different problem. Why won't imagetool deal with the tiff
file correctly? any ideas?

Oh, solaris 7 on a sparc 5...

>Recently, I wrote.
>>I have a HP1600CM connected to our network. Occasionally, our Sparc
>>systems can't print to the printer. The only cure I've found to date is
>>to reboot the Sparc. It's running 2.7 right now.
>>When it stops working lpstat pretty much always says...
>># lpstat -t
>>scheduler is running
>>system default destination: BALCH1600
>>device for dummy: /dev/term/a
>>device for BALCH1600: /dev/BALCH1600
>>character set
>>dummy accepting requests since Mon Jan 24 15:14:25 EST 2000
>>BALCH1600 accepting requests since Mon Jan 24 15:14:25 EST 2000
>>printer dummy is idle. enabled since Mon Jan 24 15:14:20 EST 2000. available.
>>printer BALCH1600 waiting for auto-retry. available.
>> Failed to open the printer port. (Resource temporarily unavailable)
>>BALCH1600 was created with Jetadmin version D.06.21.
>>I can print test jobs from jetadmin, just not with lp
>>If I use...
>>/opt/hpnp/bin/hpnpf -n -R -x BALCH1600 filename
>>it works, lp doesn't.
>>Any ideas? How does one go about chasing down "resource unavailable"
>>errors to find out which resource (and why doesn't it tell me which one???)
>I heard from several people who made various suggestions, none of which
>Suggestions were:
>>Any chance you have an NT box that is also a print server or you have NT
>>workstations printing directly to that printer? I had a problem about two
>>years ago where the NT box would utilize the printer and then not release
>>the port. There is an option to release at the end of job in NT. If you have
>>NT boxes, this would be a good place to start.
>Nope, no NT boxes on the network. There are a bunch of W95 and Macs as
>well as another _identical_ Sun that can print.
>>did you install your jetadmin over an existing on? Sometimes it doesn't work
>>correctly and you may have to remove and re-add the printer to your remote
>Nope, fresh install
>>You might try using the following commands to restart the print
>>queue instead of rebooting:
>># lpshut
>># /usr/lib/lp/lpsched
>Tried that, no luck
>># Print Protocol Adaptor - BSD listener
>>printer stream tcp nowait root /usr/lib/print/in.lpd
>>in /etc/inetd.conf?
>No but this is a "client" in this case.
>>Same error message appears using NFS between two SUN machine. It's 90% of
>>time because the time is different for more than 1 minutes between the 2
>As far as I know, the HP doesn't have an on-board clock, nor does it use
>NFS :-)
>A "quasi-suitable" work-around we found is to use '/opt/hpnp/bin/hpnpf -n
>-R -x BALCH1600' instead of 'lp'. Since that works, it seems to me the
>problem is "somewhere" in lp but I don't know where...
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Bruce Bowler 207.633.9600 (voice)
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