SUMMARY: CDE dtlogin problem with logoff

From: Brown, Melissa (
Date: Thu Jan 27 2000 - 10:55:31 CST

I'm late getting my summary here, but at least I found the solution.
I had some helpful suggestions leaning towards removing CDE and disabling
the dtlogin daemon and possible bad patches.
I didn't want to remove the CDE and disabling the dtlogin daemon didn't
solve the problem.

So, I started looking at other processes.
I disabled the BSM (basic security module) with the bsmunconv command.
After rebooting, a login through CDE doesn't launch the third dtlogin

I tested this on another machine. Enable it with the bsmconv command,
reboot, and login and you launch a third dtlogin, leave yourself logged in
for an amount of time and you can't exit.
Disabled with the bsmunconv and reboot and you're back in business.

I don't know much about BSM but I can't find much about it written in
conjuction with the Solaris 2.6. I know that it needs to be configured, or
can be, so either this is related to not being configured, or it's just not
working right with CDE.

Thanks to:

I really appreciate the time you spent to think about it and give me the
suggestions because they really helped!!!

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I know there are a lot of problems you can have with CDE dtlogin, but I have
a problem with a Ultra1 with Solaris 2.6 that doesn't want to logoff
sometimes! The Ultra is fully patched, including the CDE 1.2, but suspect
is the installation.
When the SA installed this system, an initial install was done, and then
comparisons done to /etc and whatever to move necessary files, cutting,
pasting and editing from the old 2.5.1 system. I think something got moved
over that shouldn't have.... or didn't get moved over.
I don't know much about CDE to fix it, the reason I'm crying for your help.
I don't want to have to reinstall the system just to fix this problem
because it's more of an irritation than mission critical.
The problem occurs at some point, I think after the screen may blank or lock
when it's logged on, but not in use, OR after the user has been logged on
for a given amount of time.
When someone logs in at the console, a ps -ef shows three dtlogins, instead
of two.
# ps -ef | grep dtlogin
    root 290 254 0 09:33:59 ? 0:00 /usr/dt/bin/dtlogin -daemon
    root 254 1 0 09:33:49 ? 0:00 /usr/dt/bin/dtlogin -daemon
    root 389 290 0 09:34:26 ? 0:00 /usr/dt/bin/dtlogin -daemon

When and IF they can log off, it reverts to two. What happens sometimes is
the screen shows the attempt to exit and then doesn't. If you try to exit
again, you get this error:
    No handler could be found for this message, and the disposition was not
queue or start.
The fix is to do a kill on the dtlogin that started up when the user logged
I know about the patch for the dtlogin spawns, but this system is fully
Any ideas on where to look or how this can be fixed?

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