SUMMARY: shifting filesystems unattended

From: Sam Nelson (
Date: Thu Jan 27 2000 - 03:49:49 CST

Loads of answers: thanks everyone.

Several people misunderstood the query (my fault, undoubtedly) and thought it
was the time delay I was bothered about. What was actually happening was that
in the transition from the _first_ `dump|restore' to the second, I was being
asked a question, on `/dev/tty' or thereabouts, that needed an answer before
that dump would finish to allow the second dump to start, and this killed any
notion of doing the job unattended.

Several people suggested `tar|tar' instead, and I did try a few experiments
last week with that, but there were filenames that `tar' didn't like, it
seemed to me.

Several people suggested adding `ludicrously large' values for the `s' and
`d' modifiers, but `s' and `d' don't do what they used to, it seems (`d'
turns on debug output, and `s N' means `skip to tapefile N').

Two people suggested using `ufsrestore rf -' instead of `...xf -' and this
appears to have done the trick. I've been back to read the relevant bits of
the manual page several times, and I can't see _why_ `r' works unattended when
`x' doesn't, but there it is. Thanks patrticularly to Mike and Casper.

My latest experiment looks as if it's going to take slightly under three
hours to do the whole lot (14.5Gb hme0 to hme0 over 100BaseTX, both connected
to the same switch), which gives me a factor of two in slack, which is
nice, as they say. I have a good few messages like

  setacl on [filename] failed: Permission denied

coming from ufsrestore now, but the failures are systematic and I can fix them
afterwards. This seems to be caused by the fact that `root' can't set ACLs on
non-root-owned files, which leaves me wondering how one would ship ACLs from
place to place if one needed to... ...but in this case I don't, so I can stop
there for now.


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